October 23, 2008

Mario Kart 2

The epic saga of baby Kanyon and his adventures with Mario Kart 2:

Out for an afternoon at Central Street

We took Kanyon out for the day down to Center Street (the longest pedestrian walking/shopping street in China, maybe the longest). It was incredible to see the foreigner baby on display. Almost every minute there would be a different couple coming up to us to koo over baby Kanyon. What was even more amazing was the fact that with each couple, it was the guy who wanted to see the baby. The girls were indifferent or more probably too shy to come over to see the baby.

We decided to venture into one of the many shopping malls and wandered our way around all the floors. Floor 1 - girls shoes, Basement - cool outdoor wear, including some CAT shoes (also Columbia and The North Fake Face), Floor 2 - Guy clothes, Floor 3 - More girlie clothes, Floor 4 - Children clothing, Floor 4.5 - children play area and arcade.

Playing Mario Kart 2

Since Kanyon was getting fussy from being carried all day, we decided to let him have a go at Mario Kart 2. He absolutely loves the arcade! But he absolutely hates to leave. We made the double mistake of letting Kanyon play with Mario Kart 2 plus giving him a diaper change on the way out. Leaving arcade + diaper change = very unhappy baby

Leaving the arcade

Being such great parents, we made things better by getting the boy some ice cream because of course ice cream makes everything better!

Ice cream making things better

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I'm really glad to see you all are doing good. Kanyon is getting so big!!! Take Care

I love keeping up with the blog.

Amy Scherrer

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