September 19, 2008

Hello Mr. Famous Dog

Famous Dog Park (aka world's cleanest duck pond)

Our training center is located in what I assume are new parts of La Quinta. We are surrounded by desert mountains and palm trees. And if we take a walk to the park down the block, we meet famous dogs. M'Lynn met two famous dogs while on a walk this evening. While feeding the ducks with Kanyon, a black lab came over and gobbled up the bread meant for the ducks. Turns out the dog had been in some movies, but who knows which one. (Plus, I think everyone, including all dogs, in LA have been in some movie at some time.)

Later on the same walk, a boxer dog (not famous) comes up to Kanyon's stroller and snatched a little stuffed dog right out of the stroller. The boxer, in typical boxer style, took off running knowing what Kanyon considered the most important thing and turned it into a game. Other dogs watched the boxer, saw him running, and joined in the game of chase offering little help to retreive the stuffed dog. Finally the little stuffed dog was returned covered in slobber.

Davita, our former teammate from China

During one of the few breaks, our teammate from China come to visit us and see Kanyon for the first time. She is now returning to work in the states so we won't get to visit her in China.

Dinner with friends

We completed the last day of classes in TEFL training today. All that remains now are one 10 minute practice lesson and a semester's worth of observations. At the end of 4 months, I receive the TEFL certificate. As we come to the end of our time here in CA, we realize how deep our friendships here have become.

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