June 9, 2008

12:2 Times June 2008

Hobbs City Limits

New Mexico, USA

Lovington, NM is home to an amazing group that has been meeting weekly for over 20 years to support each other and more importantly to intercede on behalf of those in need. Through our Life Group at Mid-Cities, we were introduced to this group and had the awesome opportunity to meet with them and share a vision for China. It is absolutely amazing how the Father works to orchestrate the events leading up to our departure for China.

We heard numerous stories of answered requests, and the faithfulness of the Father. We shared a common vision for China and answered any and all questions. Since the baby was at a sitter (thanks Renee) we were able to rest and relax visiting the host family in Lovington. It was incredible to see their hearts for the Father and for the nations.

Coming home to Midland, we passed through Hobbs and had to stop to check out the unique city markers. We parked the car and wandered up to take some photos. Random photos are a little more difficult for us to find here in the States, but we thought these would be pretty good.

Where in the world...?

We know our location in China! But you have to wait a little longer to learn more about the city, university, and our teammates. If you’ve visited the website, then you probably already know.

Newsletter #2 is being prepared now, with more information on our location, teammates, city, and frequently asked questions. If you did not receive the first newsletter and would like to receive this newsletter and all future letters mailed from China, please respond with your mailing address to be added.

Celebrating Four Years

June 4, 2004 began a journey that is now four years into the making. It’s amazing to take a minute to look back at where we’ve been and then at the same time, turn and look forward to where we are heading.

Year 1: We lived in the old college house in Lubbock learning what it was to be married. We continued to grow closer together and realized an important call on our life, to leave what was comfortable and head to China to teach English.

Year 2: We moved to China and continued to learn about each other. We grew and were stretched beyond anything we could have imagined. We made some great friends, including our teammates and those who continuously worked behind the scenes with your thoughts and giving.

Year 3: We returned to Texas in transition as we struggled with what the future held for our young family. We struggled whether to continue living in the States or follow the call placed on our lives two years earlier. It was a great blessing to spend time with family, reconnecting after spending a year apart.

Year 4: We moved into two new chapters in our story. We received our first child and confirmed the call place on our lives. Through the birth of Kanyon, we continued to learn more about how to be married, and now how to be married with a child. At the same time, how to transition into a family living in China.

Year 5+: We look back always remembering from where we have come, and look forward to what the future holds. We thank each of you for allowing us to be apart of your lives and can only imagine what’s next!

Rocky the Rockhound

Kanyon Meets Rocky

We took Kanyon to another Midland Rockhounds’ game in May. We settled into our seats with the largest Coke we could buy and two of the world’s longest corn dogs. In the 5th inning, Rocky the Rockhounds came to our section to cheer on the crowd and Kanyon couldn’t take his eyes off the large dog. Much to Kanyon’s delight, Rocky came to our row and picked him up. The smile on his face says it all, Kanyon adores dogs. Check out the photo and see for yourself.

Maybe we should make it our goal to get a picture with Rocky each month, just to see how much Kanyon grows from month to month. We could probably keep this up for awhile, until he reaches the age of refusing all photos.

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