May 31, 2008

Winter Weather Gear

Harbin is known for its Ice Lantern Festival each year and its Seberian gales riping through the city directly from the North Pole. Any guesses as to the first things we bought upon learning of our location? Insulated Snow Boots!

His & Her Insulated Snow Boots

These things are rated to -45 degrees F and are sure to keep our feet nice and toasty. We have also been given advice to purchase some expedition weight thermals to wear everyday. Where do you find gear for such cold weather? Never before have we been asked to find such warm gear. (As a note, the thermals are next on the list.)

To get an idea of the weather in Harbin, imagine living in the central Alaska town of Fairbanks. So we go from Nanchang (comparable to Houston, TX) to Harbin (comparable to Fairbanks, AK). Now for sure we will know which climate is best, hot & humid or cold & colder.

One handy piece of advise when venturing outside at the Harbin Ice Festival, "If you can bend over and touch your knees, then you are not dressed warm enough." I guess we get to dress like those "sumo babies" we saw in China. They had on so many clothes that they couldn't put their hands by their side.

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