May 28, 2008

Warmed Over Death

What a weekend indeed! We traveled to Austin to visit my sister for Memorial Day weekend and had quite an adventure.

Thursday: We finish working for the day pick up the baby and head home to pack the car. The daycare says that another baby threw up on Kanyon necessitating the third change of clothes. Oh the adventures of daycare. Not to worry though, he has plenty of clothes. We get home and immediately take Kanyon out of his seat to feed him. Barf! All over M'Lynn. He thens smiles lots and eats some food. No big deal, so we get the car all packed and ready to head out. The car is all ready to go, we are just waiting to feed Kanyon one last time before the leave. Barf! That makes two not counting the one to start the morning before daycare. What are we to think, he just had some shots and has been fight a small cold, he's just getting all the congestion out of his stomach. He'll be fine, and he's smiling and happy.

We get into the car and drive off for San Angelo to rest for the night before continuing the trip to Austin on Friday. About 1 hour into the trip BARF! Immediately stop the car and clean him up. Well we're about half way there, do we return home or continue on with the trip. We decide to make it to the next town and see what happens. You guessed it, BARF! We turn around and return home.

After a good night sleep, we move on with our plans. Original plans are for me to go to Austin alone and leave the baby and mom at home to recover, but since the baby slept all night and was fine in the morning we all decide to go. We stop for lunch in San Angelo and continue with the trip with no incidents.

Austin Farmer's Market (1 of 3 photos from the trip)

We spent this day in Austin with my sister. First to a Farmer's Market (actually much more of a health/organic food fair) then we walked around Town Lake. We have a great lunch and continued the afternoon in downtown Austin. In the early afternoon, M'Lynn started to feel a bit sick. You beat ya, she caught the daycare bug and spent the rest of the time in the hotel room sick. I continued the sightseeing with my sister and the baby.

Now we both have the stomach bug. Not a good way to make the 6 hour drive home. But we do manage to drive all the way home. Kanyon behaves mostly, especially after we stop to buy a toy for his car seat (he is such a busy boy now). We stop at San Angelo again, but this time to rest. We are not eating anything and still not moving too well. We arrive to find that the bug has also infected the Grandmother in San Angelo. Upon leaving for home after a 4 hour nap, we are described as looking like "warmed over death."

A day of rest and relaxation. Nothing but sleep, and eating rice, bananas, and apple sauce. We have all since recovered and will always remember the memorable memorial day weekend of '08. We have only the memories as our camera battery was out and we didn't think to recharge it. It is probably best without pictures.

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