November 14, 2007

Birthday Pick 'em

We returned from our latest doctor's appointment armed with some new information. We were asked to choose the date for our baby's birthday. The doctor recommends that we induce before the baby reaches 40 weeks and told us to talk about which day we would like to go in.

It seems really strange that we get to choose the date. Should we choose a date that is most convenient for all our family? Or one that fits nicely into our schedule? Or the latest possible date and hope the baby come naturally? Or should we choose one that falls on our favorite person from the office baby pool? Or on a date that the person has agreed to share the prize with us?

The decision seems like it should not be left in the hands of humans, but made by the ultimate Father. So we have chosen the latest date the doctor would allow us to choose. We are hoping our Father will choose to take the decision out of our hands and allow the baby to be born before our chosen date.

So if you would like to know, the baby will be born on either Saturday November 17 or on Monday November 19, (we had to leave it open for the hospital only allows 5 inductions per day and we must fit into their schedule) or whenever he decides to come before those dates.

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Kelly Efurd Lawson said...

Wow, what a tough call. I can imagine that would be a weird decision to make. But either way, you're going to be parents VERY soon!!!!!!!

Keep us all posted. Can't wait!

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