October 3, 2007

12:2 Times October 2007

Showers of Abundance

Thank you to all who have showered us with baby gifts in preparation for The Baby. You have blessed us more than we could have ever imagined. Thank you again.

The Baby’s first baby shower was in Garden City, actually St. Lawrence, on September 15. M’Lynn opened all the gifts and visited with all of her friends and family. It was incredible to see the car loads of gifts arrive back at our house. There were so many great things that The Baby will love and we will use daily. The only thing we are missing now is The Baby.

After the baby shower, we visited with our grandparents. M’Lynn’s grandmother and mine were both able to make it to the shower. They stopped by the GC house to have lunch and look on as we went through all the gifts again. It is always great to receive the advise from grandparents (and mothers too) about the way that they raised their children. We have learned many tidbits of advice from them that can only be learned from years of experience.

Again, a GIANT thank you to all who attended the GC shower.

Family Reunion

Keeping with the new tradition that we are to be busy ever single weekend in September, we attended a family reunion in Wall on September 22. We had a great time visiting and just generally hanging out and talking with relatives that we haven’t seen in a while.

After the meal, we drove out to visit M’Lynn’s grandparents in Eola. We stopped by their house, sat around the table, ate some watermelon, petted the kittens, and took tons of photos. We were encouraged to see Raymond, M’Lynn grandfather, in good spirits and acting like his normal self again. It was the first time is a long time that we were able to sit around and catch up with them without the business of a planned celebration. We really enjoyed our time.

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