September 21, 2007

Damaged Rearview

I have been driving around town without a rearview mirror for almost a week now. I never noticed how much I use the mirror until it is gone. It is kind of hard to see directly behind my car using on the side view mirrors, but somehow it works.

The mirror to our newest car, the Equinox, is somehow broken so that it no longer will remain set. It falls limp providing not help to see behind the car. Upon further inspection of the mirror, 4 small and simple plastic clips have broken off allowing the o-ring that keeps the mirror set to fall loose. Now the mirror simply sags and is no use.

I went to the Chevy house to see about finding a new part for the mirror to replace the broken plastic. however, the mirror is only sold as a complete unit. Well our mirror is fine, the thermometer and compass work great. Only the small plastic clips are broken. So to replace the mirror it would cost a grand total of $350 for parts and labor. WHAT, $350? Yes that's right, $350 all because some small insignificant plastic piece is broken. I can think of plenty of other things I would do with $350 dollars, like buy 2 iPods.

We have since gotten the mirror replaced, but this time with a simple mirror from the auto parts store. So next time you ride with us we will be able to see behind us, just don't ask us which direction we are going.

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