July 13, 2007


After waiting the extra week (sonograms are only done on Wednesday, and the office was closed July 4th) we found out that we are having a baby BOY! We are both extremely excited about having a boy. Even M’Lynn wanted a boy because she had grown up in a family of girls.

By having a boy, we don’t have to debate the name. We had a boy name chosen since we were dating. But girl names were harder for us to select and we were trying to choose between the two we had selected.

After seeing some awesome 4D sonogram photos (these can be viewed online) we don’t think we can wait the 19 weeks until we get to see and hold the baby. But until then we can argue and tease each other about who we think the baby will look like. It has been an amazing time.

Now for the fun part of preparing our apartment with a nursery and all the things you need for a young child.

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